Operating your business on less. Less fuel theft. Less downtime. More profit.

Cardlock Fuel Solutions Provide Simple Cardless Pay Options.

Pacific Pride Cardless Pay streamlines fleet fueling by enabling secure, in-app authorization for drivers at the pump. Improve efficiency and reduce fraud risk with this innovative mobile payment solution.

Cardless Mobile Pay
Right At The Pump

Stop Fuel Theft
Improve Bottom Line

Two Networks
One Invoice

Boost Your Operational Efficiency.
Apply Today.

Monitor Every Drop, Dollar and Driver

Through the online reporting and fuel management system, you are now in complete control of your fleet and fuel costs. You set the limits and then track consumption in real time.

60,000+ stations nationwide through the Fuelman Network

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You can reduce fuel and extraneous costs by as much as 20%
Pacific Pride and CFN in-network locations
$ 0 /gal
Save as much as .40 - .80/gal in comparison to retail stations
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cards in the workplace

Two Networks. One Invoice.

Trusted By Many Just Like You

Eliminate Fuel Theft

Increase profits with reduced fuel theft with a streamlined system

Cardlock fuel cards help fight theft with purchase tracking, limitations on purchases, and geofencing. This saves money, increases efficiency and eliminates fuel theft.


Cardless Mobile Pay

Increase the ease of fuel purchases with Cardless Mobile Pay

Cardless mobile pay eliminates carrying cards all together. It offers the same benefits as cardlock cards (purchase tracking, limited purchases, geofencing) but with added convenience and security. No more lost or stolen cards, plus easier expense tracking for drivers and faster fueling (no swiping needed).

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