5 Productivity Challenges For Small-Fleets

1. Tracking and dispatching efficiently

    Having no idea where your fleet vehicles and drivers are can negatively impact your business, especially as new opportunities arise. A fleet without GPS tracking misses out on real-time driver updates and route optimization when multiple stops are involved.

    The technology of today makes it easier to integrate fleet management solutions into your operation. Using telematics technology and GPS fleet tracking, you can get real-time vehicle location, driver performance data, and route optimization reports.

    The addition of a telematics solution to your fleet management approach will dramatically improve the efficiency and profitability of your fleet.

    2. Unexpected Fleet Downtime

    Your fleet’s productivity is negatively affected by unexpected breakdowns. In terms of productivity and maintenance costs, the longer your fleet vehicles spend in the shop, the bigger the impact on your bottom line.

    Smaller fleet managers feel the pain acutely, since each truck represents a higher profit percentage. One culprit that is easily preventable, despite engine and mechanical issues, is corrosion.

    Regular maintenance prevents mechanical problems before they occur. The maintenance of fleet vehicles and regular vehicle inspections should be priorities. Make sure to schedule a well-trained professional to inspect your fleet every month. If any issues arise, you can schedule off-time for preventive maintenance before minor issues become more significant.

    3. Excessive Idling

    Excessive idling is another costly productivity challenge. Heavy traffic requires some idling, as you might expect. Nevertheless, prolonged idling can cause excessive engine wear and tear. Increasing your fuel consumption costs can also be caused by excessive idling.

    In order to reduce excessive idling, there are a few things you can do. You can often get detailed reports on the performance of the vehicle, including idle time, with a telematics solution. As a result, you can correlate the operators with the fleet’s highest idling vehicles. As a result, you will be able to identify which drivers may require additional training. By providing the best routing based on traffic patterns, a robust fleet management system can also help your drivers idle less.

    4. Driver Performance

    Getting the most from your fleet means getting the most from your drivers. Drivers with poor training are more likely to exhibit bad driving behaviors such as quick acceleration, aggressive braking, long idling periods, and speeding. It’s not only fleet efficiency that can be negatively impacted by these poor driving behaviors, but it can also have a negative impact on vehicle maintenance costs.

    Driver productivity can be increased through proper training. As well as boosting fleet performance, driver safety measures can also reduce fleet wear and tear.

    5. Standard Fueling Policy

    You spend a significant percentage of your fleet’s budget on fuel. There are many small-fleet managers who make the mistake of not incorporating a standard fueling policy into their business operations. If you do not have a formal fuel program, cash discrepancies from drivers can cause unforeseen expenses.

    Fuel programs should be implemented by fleet operators to remedy this problem. With fuel cards, you can track where and how often each driver stops for fuel, monitor fuel spending, and ensure fuel savings.

    With telematics, you’ll receive a comprehensive picture of your fleet’s fuel expenditures, including where your drivers are wasting fuel.

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