Difference Between A Fleet Card and a Credit Card

Relying on a fleet of vehicles means you’ve probably wondered, ‘What’s the best way to pay for fuel and other vehicle-related expenses?’ You know that cash and checks are outdated, inefficient, and loaded with risk. But what about a business credit card or a fleet card? Understanding the difference and determining which is the best choice for your business will help you run your business more efficiently and assist in your bottom line.

Both a business credit card and a fleet card (also known as a fleet fuel card) provide an easy way to pay, and a small business owner might even decide to get both. Fleet cards, however, stand out with their host of extra benefits that will keep your business running smoothly.

Here are five key differences between credit cards and fleet cards:

1. Flexible Driver or Vehicle Cards:

  • Choose driver cards for consistent driver-vehicle pairings.
  • Use vehicle cards with driver PINs for shared vehicles and easy tracking.
  • Manage employee changes with simple PIN activation/deactivation.

2. Enhanced Spending Controls:

  • Set spending limits and automatic pump shut-off to prevent fraud.
  • Restrict purchases to specific categories (fuel only, no snacks).
  • Reduce misuse of business credit cards with convenient vehicle-related purchases.

3. Potential Fuel Cost Savings:

  • Quantity discounts based on total fleet fuel purchases.
  • Fleet-specific discounts for high overall gallon usage.
  • Network discounts or rebates for smaller businesses and owner-operators.
  • Reward and loyalty programs for additional savings.

4. Easier Approval for New Businesses:

  • Fleet cards may be easier to obtain than traditional business credit cards.
  • Faster application feedback compared to business credit cards.

5. Simplified Expense Management:

  • Streamlined tracking and reconciliation of vehicle expenses.
  • Reduced administrative overhead with automated reporting.

When you have a fleet card, you no longer have to sort paper receipts and spend valuable time and energy reconciling spending reports at tax time. If you choose a fleet card provider with sophisticated business payment automation processes and intuitive expense reporting, you will save time, money, and frustration. You’ll sleep better at night, and your accounting department will thank you.

Choosing the right fleet card

Fleet cards may be the right option for you. You can speak with a specialist who can answer your questions and confirm that you are a good candidate for fleet cards for your business operations. Fleet cards can offer you an array of tools to help put your business on the road to even greater success.

Contact us to determine if fleet cards are the best fit for you.

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